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Becoming a Tutor

Welcome to Knowledge HQ, eTutor - the educational website and virtual learning system for K-12 students. eTutor offers the best in educational content, as well as services for educators and parents. eTutor is an innovation in virtual learning that can be used anywhere there is Internet access. We are pleased that you are interested in applying for a tutoring position using the eTutor program.

Before you continue can you answer the following questions?

  • Are you comfortable using the computer and internet applications?
  • Have you used internet-based templates in the past?
  • Are you creative and able to develop instructional content without aid?

What makes eTutor different from other online learning programs?

We believe it to be the only curriculum which embraces the assets of the Internet into the teaching learning process. Our goal in developing this unique program was to capture what the Internet offers in such abundance...information... and incorporate it into the structure of each lesson module.

In that regard in order to be considered for a tutoring position with Knowledge HQ, applicants must provide the following:


Tutors must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Teacher certification is preferred, but not required.


Adequate experience in working with students of all ages in various capacities.

Writing Skills

Because eTutor uses templates in the One 2 One Guided Program (tutor-based) applicants are judged on their writing skills. Three lesson modules are required of each applicant for a tutoring position. Go to Lesson Pro to access the template for writing lesson modules. Lesson modules must be at the Intermediate, Middle/Jr. High and High School levels. (Please note that you will be able to access these lesson modules to use even though you may not be working with Knowledge HQ.)

Lesson modules must be fully completed. In other words, all sections of the template must be filled. We recommend that you save your work often. Some writers have found it helpful to write the lesson in a text file or other word document before pasting into the LessonPro template.

Writing skills will only be assessed through submission of the appropriate number of lesson modules. Having completed three lesson modules does not guarantee a tutoring position with Knowledge Headquarters, Inc. Your other qualifications will be taken into consideration.

Once you have completed the writing skills requirement, please email a cover letter expressing your reasons for applying for a tutoring position and stating the titles, subjects and grade levels of the lesson modules you are submitting, also include a resume showing educational achievement and experience.

What is e-Tutor?

Established in 1997, e-Tutor is an accredited online school for grades K-12 built on a simple philosophy:

  • Students learn more when given choices.
  • Parents are educators.
  • Online schools should be online schools.

More about e-Tutor.


  • Easy credit transfer
  • Quality assurance
  • Access to loans & scholarships

More about accreditation.