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June 25th, 2009 by Dr. Martha Angulo

We have many friends and associates who are homeschooling their children. Although we value public schooling, we also place value in the need to have alternatives. Parents can then choose the most appropriate learning approach for their child or children.

The number of homeschoolers is bigger than the nation’s largest public school system in New York City and may be as high as approximately 2.2 million. The number of homeschoolers is difficult to quantify, because there is no clear definition of what is ‘homeschooling.’ We believe that homeschooling embraces any student who participates in consistent learning activities in the home. So, that could mean a student who completes a full curriculum at home or one who does supplemental instructional work at home. In other words, any student who participates in a course of study on a regular and consistent basis at home is a homeschooled students. Before we can count these children, we all need to agree on what homeschooling means.

Although critics of homeschool argue that it can’t replace the social and educational tools offered in traditional schools, Patricia Lines, a senior research analyst for the U.S. Department of Education argues homeschooling is instead “reinventing the idea of school.” Homeschoolers use tools such as the Internet and educational software to provide new avenues of learning. Homeschooling can provide a wealth of opportunities for all students including those with special needs such as gifted or learning disabled students.

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  • David Harrington

    What I’d be curious in seeing is a good collection of statistics comparing home schooling to the NYC education system–wouldn’t that be fascinating? Thanks.

  • Tutoring blog

    I do not agree with your explanation. Most students come home and do homework assignments. They are not home-schoolers.

  • Callie Adelsperger

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  • Anonymous

    Public schools will not be the best, nevertheless they are really an essential element of the nation for many families

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  • George

    Home schooling has its own advantage compared to traditional schooling … Iam very much in favour of that!

  • Kaylene Stanchfield

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  • TutoringMatch

    Homeschooling if taken seriously and done properly is a great way to educate children effectively. If that is the route a parent wants to take, they must really put thought into building curriculum for their child(ren) that keeps them with those who are schooled in they system.

  • Deepak Negi

    Nice post.Thanks for sharing this information with us.

  • Clinical

    Homeschooling is a great help for special children. It is also a way to reach out with children who wants to learn more. We should be thankful of having a home schooling though internet and other medium of learning.

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