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Listen for the Spiritual Language

October 1st, 2010 by Dr. Martha Angulo

Children are innately spiritual, and if you pay close attention they can speak to you about the subtle energies of another dimension; whether or not you believe, it can be intriguing to listen to what they have to say.  Children’s intuition is highly attuned, and frequently they hear and see things that we miss, as they aren’t so tightly immersed in “reality” yet.

Before about age six, children are highly attuned to the spiritual world and with thins unseen and unspoken, but they are more than likely to lose touch once they start school and are exposed to traditional thinking and logical reasoning.  Until then they are adept at tuning in to our thoughts.

Children have highly develop intuition…they can feel the energy and vibes of others.  Sometimes just seeing somebody will cause a child to start crying loudly she move to avoid that person and, although she can’t put into words why, she can feel the person’s energy and wants to stay away.  Trust this instinct in your child.

Some children already know profound spiritual truths without ever being taught.  Part of honoring your child’s divine nature is recognizing her spiritual language and respecting her special perceptions.

Wonderful Ways to Love a Child, Judy Fordt

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    Children are naturally genius. We should always take time to listen and answer their questions.

  • listening to intuition

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  • Anonymous

    As said above, children have a lot of energy and art in their mind. Its not easy to understand what going on inside them. During the age 6-10 its important to know that what they like and where they incline. A good
    can understand their need and nurture them to fullest.

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