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Our View of Schooling

September 13th, 2011 by Dr. Martha Angulo

The other day a neighbor visited me while I was working in the garden. She wanted to talk about the changes occurring at the local school. Comparing the education she and her husband received with that her children were receiving, she had determined that they were getting an excellent education. Both parents were pleased their children were learning “so much more” than they had.

I had to agree with my friend, that we most often use our own schooling as a standard of measurement for our children’s schooling. I certainly did when my children were young. But is this the best measure for quality in education? I asked the neighbor to consider how the world had changed, in the time since she was in school, and the amount of information we and our children have at our finger tips. It seems reasonable to assume that our children would, and should, be learning a great deal more of the information that took us years to assimilate. For the most part, children today begin school having access to more information than their parents had. By the time a child has completed one year of schooling that information has almost doubled. When I was in school it took many years for information to change. This provided me and those of my generation a certain consistency with learning information that is not available today. Therefore, I’m not certain that the same paradigms for learning, that served my neighbors and me, are adequate for today’s student.

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  • Kjrodr

    Great post, gave me more to think about.  I am a proponent for alternative (advanced) modes of education delivery.  Technology in education needs to breach the doors of the “brick and mortar” buildings and reach out through the network.   My belief:  It is backwards to say you must be self-motivated to attend an online class…it is actually the online class that cultivates self-motivation.  

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