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Our curriculum includes over 3,500 lesson modules created by more than 200 writers, organized into over 20 subjects in Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies. The e-Tutor curriculum meets or exceeds state and national standards. There are no additional workbooks, texts, downloads or hardware required.

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High School

Created Exclusively for Online Learning

Each of our lesson modules has been written exclusively for use in eTutor. We believe that in order for online education to succeed it must be different than what is offered in other schools and online programs today. Our curriculum has not been adapted from texts, workbooks, or CDs.

Perspectives from around the World

The eTutor curriculum includes lesson modules created by writers from around the world, resulting in rich and varied perspectives in their voice. eTutor editors add new lesson modules based on their quality and fit in the curriculum, resulting in a dynamic but cohesive whole.

Sample Lesson Modules

Math | High School

Mathematics lesson for High School students:

Similarity Theorems

Science | Middle/Junior High School

Science lesson for Middle/Junior High School students:

The Amazing Universe

Social Studies | Intermediate School

Social Studies lesson for Intermediate students:

What Do You Need?

Language Arts | Primary School

Language Arts lesson for Primary students:

The Mouse And The Lion

Inside a Lesson Module

Each lesson module includes eight sections, and generally takes students one to one and a half hours to complete:

  • Introduction
  • Problem Statement
  • Vocabulary
  • Study Guide
  • Activities
  • Extended Learning
  • Resources
  • Quiz