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President’s Message
It doesn't seem that many months ago when we were starting school.  Now here it is, in a blink of an eye.... the end of the school year is almost upon us.  However, in spite of an end to schooling for many, learning continues to take place.  Some of our students take this time for a breather from school work, while others are just beginning or continuing on.  What ever we chose, the process of learning goes on.  Some of what we learn is not useful, while other learning will find a place in our memory to be called upon to connect with future learning.  It is important that the skills and concepts that we have learned are not put to rest for too long.  It takes a period of time to refresh our skills and get back on track again.  For that reason, we encourage students to continue some form of academic work during the summer months.  Recall how difficult it is for you to resume life after an extended vacation....mail, laundry, cleaning, etc.  

During the past month in this part of the world, we have experienced tremendous natural destruction from tornadoes.  This time of year seems to bring about violent weather throughout the country.  We hope that you will take time to prepare your family for emergencies of any kind, natural or man-made.  Though we can't predict, we can prepare.  And, there is safety in knowledge.  Our children often surprise us with there strength and energy during a time of crisis.  Children gain strength from knowing they are part of an effort to keep family and community safe.  Take time to prepare your family for any emergency.

This is the time of year when my garden springs forth with unknown flowers, as well as weeds.  It is tranquil and comforting for me to stroll through my burgeoning jungle of plants.  The miracle of it all astounds me anew each year.  Enjoy the month ahead.  Treasure each moment.  




There's No Place 
Like Home

All of us have homes.  All of us need some place where we can be safe from the weather and other dangers. The latest edition of Learning Themes at Knowledge HQ  will spark your interest.  You will find information, resources and activities for students, parents and educators. 

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The young want to change the world.  The old want to change the young. 

       Learning with e-Tutor:

e-Tutor has a host of functions which make it easy to communicate with your child during the learning process.  The e-tutor.communication Center allows you to create messages that can be sent to your child at any time day or night.  You may find that you review the lessons your child has completed in the evening and want to remind your child to focus on a particular subject.  Use this feature to tell your child what the focus should be.  Students like to see different greetings each day.  Praise works wonders!  

After logging in to e-Tutor, using your unique ID and Password, select "Communication Center" on the menu at the left side of the screen.

Send e-Mail

Choose this option to send e-mail to your child about lessons, assignments, announcements, etc. Use the mouse to make the cursor appear in the "To" textbox. Enter the e-mail address of the recipient in this space. Next, enter in an appropriate subject heading, and then type in the large textbox. When the e-mail is complete, click on "Send e-mail."

Buddy List

The buddy list serves as an online address book. This can be used to store other family, friends or any other important addresses. You can have up to twenty e-mail buddies and five buddy groups. To add an e-mail buddy, click on "Add Buddy." Fill out the "buddy’s" name and e-mail address and complete the process by clicking on "Add my buddy." After your buddy has been added to the list, you can e-mail them by clicking on "Mail" in the "Send" column. Type a subject, the text and click on the "Send e-mail" button.

To update a buddy’s information, click on the textbox that you wish to alter, make any changes and click the "Update Buddy" button at the bottom of the page.

If you wish to delete a buddy entry, click on the checkbox to its right and then click "Delete."

Create a buddy group using the "Create Buddy group" option. Fill out the information in the template, click on "Create Group," and your buddy group will be created for you.

Message Box

Parents are able to post messages to their child's message boxes. The message will be displayed upon logging in to e-Tutor.  In order to post a message, click "Add."  Next choose your child's name and the expiration date of the message.  Then type your message into the white message box.  Click "Add" to post your message to your child's message box.

Reminder Service

Never miss another important event, like a birthday or anniversary. Parents can create a list of upcoming events and be notified when they login to the e-Tutor system.

To create new reminder events, click on the "Create Reminder" button. You can choose when you would like these reminders to appear.

Frequency: When do you want the system to pop-up the reminder message? You can choose to be reminded every day until the event has expired or just once on the event day. Other options are available.

If you have at least one reminder message waiting, you will see the message as shown. You may choose to view the message by clicking on the "Yes" button, or click on the "No" to proceed to the main screen.

If you are not an e-Tutor subscriber, we are waiting to hear from you.  There is much excitement about this great way of learning!


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Success is often just an idea away.

Frank Tyger

Be Completely "Sense-able"

Most people, including our children,  use all their senses to learn and they are more likely to remember things that way.  Here are some suggestions your child (as well as, all of us)  might use:

  • See it.  Use flash cards.  Whether it is vocabulary words, history dates or math formulas, a set of flash cars can go with you wherever you are.  Then, whenever you have a few minutes, you can study the cards.  You are likely to remember better if you make yellow flash cards and write in black ink.  
  • Say it.  Say things out loud.  Repeat them.  (Repeating is the principle on which all advertising is based.  If you can complete the phrase, "You got the right one...," you have just proven the value of repetition.)
  • Sing it.  You may find that you can set the things you need to remember to a popular song.  For example, one little girl sang "Old MacDonald had a farm, A E I O U" to remember the vowels. 
  • Write it.  One student had to learn important dates in Roman history.  She drew a simple picture to go with each date (a dagger for the year Julius Caesar was assassinated, flames for the year Rome burned).  Then she posted the pictures where she could see them.  She found that she had learned half the dates just by making the pictures. 
  • Hear it.  Does your family have a tape recorder?  Use it to make your own study tapes.  Ask the question, leave a few seconds for your response and then give the answer.

American Association of School Administrators

Getting Control of Your Time

If you ask yourself these questions periodically, you will probably use your time better:

  • What am I thinking about at this moment?  If you are not thinking about the task you are involved in, you are not going to be as effective as you could be.  If you are not in the mood for a particular job, you will prolong the agony.  Push yourself to get the job done to get to the next one. 
  • Do I say "yes" too often?  In sorting out the demands on your time, learn when to say "no."  Is that community service activity helping your future as well as the group?  It's good to do things to help others, but be sure you are not doing so many that you don't have enough time to accomplish the things you deem to be more important.
  • Do I let the concept of time control me?  Of course there are certain "musts" related to time.  But other than those, have you become a slave to the clock?  For one week, try eating only when you are hungry, going to sleep only when you are tired and generally breaking out of certain time-rut habits.  
  • When do I have time by myself to do things that are important to me?  If you don't, rethink the way you are using your days.  Set aside and take advantage of quiet time each day.  Include time in your schedule for relaxing. 

Straight Talk, Real Estate Education Company

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The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.  It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science. 

Albert Einstein

Reading at Home

Learning to read is much like learning any other skill. It requires a combination of instruction, experimentation and practice. But the first step must be motivation. The child must want to learn to read. Parents can encourage their children to read  by demonstrating that they think reading  is important. Parents can help their
children discover the benefits of reading:
new ideas...relaxation...adventure...fun.

• Buy as many children's books as you can afford.
• Give books as gifts.
• Visit the library regularly.
• Allow your children to choose their own books. Don't rush them.
• Show your children that you enjoy reading. Make sure they see you reading newspapers, magazines and books.
• Set up a special place for reading.
• Encourage older children to read to younger children.
• Surround your child with words; point out street signs; label objects in the house such as table, desk and stove.
• Play word games like Scrabble, Anagrams and Ad Lib.
• Watch educational TV programs together. Some stress reading development.
• Read to your child, especially at bedtime. Reread favorite stories.
• Ask you child to read to you.
• Stress the things your children do well in reading rather than any mistakes they make.

 Remember: Success breeds success.

The Trait of Leaders

Only about three hits per week separate the baseball players in the majors from those in the minors.  A boxer can win with only one punch; a race horse can win by a nose.  A football game can be won by a pass receiver beating the defense on just one play. 

The game of life is the same.  Little things can make a big difference over a life time.  There is one small ingredient that can make big differences in results whether it is applied in the sports world, business world or social world.  This quality will set you out from the rest, can be the "one stroke difference" that could mean big changes in results.  It is ENTHUSIASM!  In the game of life enthusiasm can mean the difference between winning or losing.  Enthusiasm, that stimulating combination of faith, inner excitement and deep down interest, will carry you just about anywhere you want to go. 

Enthusiasm is contagious.  It is an emotion that can be communicated easier than words.  It is almost impossible to be exposed to enthusiasm for any length of time without acquiring some of it.  If you are going to be enthusiastic you must, first, want to be enthusiastic.  If your are mired in self-pity, criticism and a lot of negative thinking, these act as a shield against enthusiasm.  The critics, cynics and fault finders will never thrill to the stimulating juices of enthusiasm running through their souls.  So, cast aside the negative attitudes to be enthusiastic.  Because it is a quality that needs to be kindled daily.  Once it is started it will carry you for the rest of the day.  But you must get it started.  

Enthusiasm and interest go hand in hand.  It is hard to become enthusiastic about something in which you have no interest.  The key to interest is knowledge.  You become interested in those things that you know the most about.  And, strangely enough, the more interested you become, the more you want to do. Knowledge...interest...knowledge...interest...knowledge
....interest!  It's a rolling stone that gathers more and more speed.  And it leads to enthusiasm!

If you are going to feel enthusiastic, you must act enthusiastic.  Let your enthusiasm radiate in your voice, your actions, your face, your personality, the words you use and the thoughts you think!  Besides the joy and energy you will get from the feelings of enthusiasm, you will be a more exciting person to others.  


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The less one has to do, the less time one finds to do it in.  

Lord Chesterfield


Instant  Stress  Relievers

Today's world produces plenty of stress.  Life's little hassles mount up until you say to yourself, "If one more thing goes wrong today, I'll explode!"

At times when the pressure seems to be too much and you can't concentrate anymore, don't just reach for the aspirin bottle.  Try one of these instant stress relievers.

  • Take six deep breaths.
  • Visit the Bahamas or any other pleasant scene from your past.  How?  Imagine it! Visualize the scene in detail.
  • Stretch
  • Hug someone
  • Change the scene. Walk to your window and watch the birds. Go outside and breathe deeply for two minutes.
  • Find a friend. Choose a patient soul, one who won't butt in or give advice, to listen to your complaints. 
  • Take an exercise break.
  • Have a good laugh.
  • Get a fresh outlook. Stress often comes from taking yourself  too seriously.
  • Finish something.
  • Play
  • Change your focus.  

Practical Superivision

Another Person's View

This little article crossed my desk and I think it is appropriate to repeat it today.

In my opinion:
Georgie Ann Geyer, syndicated Columnist and Author

"I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to have a moral community or nation without faith in God, because without it everything rapidly comes down to 'me', and 'me' alone is meaningless.  Today Americans have stopped acting in terms of their own moral, ethical and religious beliefs and principles.  They've stopped acting on what they knew was right....and the 'me' has become the measure of everything.  

However, moral societies are the only ones that work.  If anyone thinks there is not a direct and inviolable relationship between personal integrity in a society and that society's prosperity, that person has simply not studied history.  And this should not surprise us.  Great moral societies, built upon faith in God, honor, trust and the law blossom because they are harmonious; because people love or at least respect their fellowman; because, finally they have a common belief in something beyond themselves.  It simplifies life immensely; you do not waste and spend your days fighting for turf, for privilege, for money and power over your fellowman.  

Alexis de Tocqueville said it best when he realized even at the very beginning of our national live, 'America is great because America is good.  If America ceases to be good, she will cease to be great.'"

Hats off to the past; coats off to the future. 

Marvelous May Links

America's Story from America's Library:  Think of this as the Library of Congress, light. Let students of American History explore this colorful site to find out tidbits about history, culture and the people of the United States.

FreePatterns:  Great for beginning and intermediate crafts fans of all ages. This site includes patterns for many crafts and needle crafts. Patterns are downloadable PDF files with pictures of what the finished product looks like.

Otters:  This site is brought to you by National Geographic and links to live otter cams, otter video and otter resources on the web.

1st Headlines:  Current Events coverage for the US and International media sites. This site includes links to individual stories in most major newspapers and network news websites. Users can also browse current stories in the 
business, health, sports, technology, or travel sections, or even by topics such as the Olympics, animals, education, fires, aviation, etc.

iFigure:  This site provides links to online calculators and worksheets; including interactive and educational tools that can provide information to help in planning for the future and dealing with the present. Under 
automotive, use the budget planner to find out how much you can make in 
car payments, under Geometry, use the triangle area calculator, or use 
the salary calculator to compare the cost of living in cities throughout 
the US (ie. if you make $120,000 living in California, then you would 
need to make $77,500 living in Michigan!).  Also includes links to many of 
the most useful tools on the web. 

A Century of Physics:  Let's bring physics into the real world...this site highlights advances in physics over the last hundred years. Review the Panorama pages to view highlights, decade by decade. View these discoveries in context with political and artistic movements of the time. For a list of all the events listed, consult the Index. Entries are color coded to differentiate between discoveries on a cosmic scale, a human scale, or an atomic scale.

ErgoLib For Safer Library Computing:  Although this site was developed for librarians,  it is filled with good information for anyone working with computer technology. "Cheap Tips" is a good place for everyone to start. 

Perseus Online Coin Catalog:  From the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, this coin catalog has something for coin collectors and historians, tracing the use of coins through time. Use the search to find certain types of coins and images (try Caesar or Crete).  Includes thumbnail images which can be enlarged with a click of  the mouse.

Enjoy a terrific month!

From the Staff at Knowledge HQ


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