October 2000

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Founder’s Message

How did September get by us? And we are half way through October! My goodness! Does it ever slow down? In spite of our being very busy, we continue to have fun at what we are creating. It is so exciting to hear from teachers and students who have embraced this new way of learning. They get the picture of how the applications we can use through the Internet not only make learning great, but take the planning for learning to a whole new level. For me it is even more inspiring, because I know that we are in the infancy of a new movement that will change almost everything we do in school and in our daily lives. I look forward sharing with you the advances we are making and hope that you will share with us some of your experiences also.
When we last wrote it was warm and many were just getting back from wonderful vacations. The seasons are changing again and we are preparing for colder weather. The leaves in our part of the country have changed and we are enjoying the yellows, oranges and reds of Fall. As the seasons give way from one period to another it is a time to reflect on all that has happened over the season past and anticipate what the new period will bring. Fall is a time to gather all that is warm and dear to us and to share with others our bounty. I extend to you an opportunity to share in what we have been creating for students and their educators around the world. In the days ahead we will be providing you an opportunity to login to our system and try it first hand. We hope you will give it a try and let us know what you think.

Enjoy this harvest season.

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Experience is a good teacher, but she sends in terrific bills.

Minna Antrim

Welcome Betsy!
e-Tutor has a new CEO. Please welcome Betsy Burton, who comes to e-Tutor with over 25 years experience running and building businesses. Most recently Burton was CEO of iFlourish. Com, Andersen Consulting’s first internally incubated site, which was a portal for baby boomers. Prior to that Burton served as interim CEO for toysrus.com where she was brought in to provide leadership and spearhead the launch of a revamped site in October of 1999. Burton also has successfully led several successful turnarounds, including Supercuts, Inc. Burton was CEO of other major companies including PIP Printing and Cosmetic Center. Burton currently sits on the Boards of Staples, Inc. and The Sports Authority, Inc. We are pleased to have someone of Betsy’s caliber as part of our e-Tutor team and look forward to her help in advancing the company to the next level.

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Seven Steps To Stagnation
  1. We've Never Done It That Way.
  2. We're Not Ready For That.
  3. We've Always Done It This Way.
  4. We Tried That Once Before.
  5. It Costs Too Much.
  6. That's Not Our Responsibility.
  7. It Just Won't Work.

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6.gif (3484 bytes)Life is like riding a bicycle. You don’t fall off unless you stop peddling.

Claude Pepper


LessonPro Breaking Records
Have you had an opportunity to go to LessonPro and write a lesson? If not you will want to join the hundreds of teachers from around the world who have found this tool useful for themselves, their students and they earn money at the same time. e-Tutor pays teachers $50 for each lesson that is accepted for use in the e-Tutor program. It is a win-win opportunity. e-Tutor has nearly 1000 great quality interactive lessons in its program now.

With the success of LessonPro, e-Tutor is building its library of lessons beyond the four major curricular areas of language arts, mathematics, science and social studies to International Languages, Fine Arts, Physical Development and Health and Christian Education. Although some of these lessons are now in the system, we will create all new curricular areas in the next update.

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The Gift of Writing
As a parent you can play an important role by encouraging your child to fine-tune this craft outside the classroom. Here are a few suggestions:
  • Encourage reading for pleasure. The abilities to read and write are closely intertwined.
  • Let your child do the writing. The next time Aunt Alice or Uncle Jake sends your child a gift, let her write the thank-you note.
  • Offer interesting extracurricular writing assignments. Encourage your child to write about things which interest him, such as neighborhood or school athletic events, or to keep a journal to record daily thought or details of family vacations.
  • Suggest joining school clubs. School organizations, such as the newspaper, classbook or yearbook, enable your child to have fun while stimulating his writing skills.
  • Help your child get published. It’s never too early to try getting your child’s words etched in permanent type.

Encouraging your child’s writing ability will help him in his school work and, eventually, in his career…. whatever it may be. And who knows? There’s always room for another Ernest or Emily.

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My Grandfather once told me that there are two kinds of people: those who do the work and those who take the credit. He told me to try to be in the first group; there was less competition there.

Indira Gandhi


How To Influence Others
If you want to influence people, says Elaine Zuker, learn how they try to influence others by listening to the words and phrases they use.
blk.gif (815 bytes)
  • Tellers.
Words: explain, evidence, logic, facts, and data.
Statements: Let me tell you" and The facts show"
To influence them, provide numbers and statistics to back up what you propose.
  • Compellers
Words: authority, require, reward and need.
Statements: "I’ll do x if you do y" and "We expect to achieve"
To influence them, talk about rewards and incentives.
  • Fellers
Statements: "The mistake would be" and "We’ve never done that before"
Argue your case by naming ways that you have already used your idea with success. And show that your idea is not radical or risky.
  • Wellers
Statements: "I know what you mean," "Tell me more about it" and "Let’s take a survey"
To get them on your side, start with small talk, tell them how you feel and then solicit their support.
  • Sellers
Words: needs, benefits, goals.
Statement: "I always tell people how my ideas will benefit them"
Influence sellers by finding out what their goals are and tying your request to one of them.
  • Gellers
Words: vision, pride, loyalty, standards.
Statement: "We have to climb this mountain"
To win over gellers, paint a word picture with metaphors and other figures of speech. And show them how your idea will enhance their future.
The Seven Secrets of Influence, Elaine Zuker

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Nothing is interesting if you are not interested.


Are You the Creative Type?
Here’s a test you can use to gauge your creativity or to spot it in others. Answer each question "yes" or "no."
  1. I like to tackle problems that don’t have clear answers.
  2. Even if I think a problem approach looks unproductive, I’ll stick with it.
  3. When I discuss things with others, I encourage them to disagree with my views.
  4. I like to solve a problem as a whole rather than breaking it down into separate components.
  5. If I study a problem for a long time and find no answer, I give up on it and go on to something else.


  1. Yes. A sure sign of creativity.
  2. No. Creative types know when to cut their losses.
  3. Yes. Creative types don’t care who solves the problem, just that it’s solved.
  4. No. Creative types like to split a problem into parts and then reassemble it to find the problem’s essence.
  5. No. The lack of a ready answer never frustrates creative types.

The College Store Journal , Veronica Hughes

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Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important.


Learning About e-Tutor
Over the years we have continued to upgrade and enhance e-Tutor to the point that it is now a comprehensive program that helps educators integrate technology into the curriculum, strengthens the school community through communication and parent involvement, and continues to engage students with high-interest topics. e-tutor.combines the best of instructional practice with the best of technology. Each month we will give you information about a feature or two about the program. If you are intrigued and want more information, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@e-tutor.com or toll free at 877-687-7200.

Class Manager (Teacher’s Pages)

  • The HomePage Wizard is so easy to use! Teachers can create their own web page without knowing any HTML or programming language. When you want to make changes….click on "Preview"….you will see the web page and you can go back and change the font size or color or make other additions or deletions to your page….it is this easy to create and modify your own home page.
  • Class Setup is where the teachers can control which class communication tools their different classes will have access to, such as, bulletin boards, e-mail, white boards and chat rooms.

Student Portfolio (Parent’s and Teacher’s Pages)

  • Reports student progress by subject area. Lessons and activities can be viewed and two way communication can take place between parent and teacher.

e-Tutor Lessons are the heart of the program….quality content that makes the best use of Internet resources. Each lesson has nine parts and includes various methods for the student, parent and teacher to evaluate learning. The program is based on National Goals for Learning and is aligned to State standards.

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Great News From The Sales Front!
Elgin Academy is the first preschool-through-12th grade independent school in the Chicago area to subscribe to e-Tutor. Teachers and faculty are in the process of being trained. It has been thrilling to work with such a wonderful and enthusiastic group of teachers. "Elgin Academy is excited to be among the schools to offer an online curriculum platform for our entire program from pre-K to 12th grade," said Dr. John Cooper, Headmaster of Elgin Academy.

- Molly Meiners, Instructional Technology Representative


My Life as an e-Tutor Editor
Who can imagine a better job than spending the day learning?! The editors at e-Tutor make the hundreds of wonderful lessons we receive from LessonPro shine through proofreading, adjusting text flow and adding links and graphics. We work hard to ensure that each lesson is presented in a format and in language that is appropriate for the respective grade level. We also have a lot of fun working as a team and learning about our natural and social world.

The vast array of lessons we receive provides creative new ideas aboutandriana.gif (4690 bytes) teaching. Like every good concept, and the Internet itself, we are always evolving. We not only edit individual lessons, but also respond to feedback from our customers and field staff, to make e-Tutor easy to use and a more fulfilling experience.

Some fellow students used to ask: When are we ever going to use this algebra, or this information about cellular respiration? Well, as e-Tutor editors we often plug into our own knowledge, as well as information from hard copy and online resources. Every lesson we work on is a collaborative effort. We call on each other’s experience and expertise. Some of us have had years of experience in the classroom. We use our knowledge of mainstream educational expectations to help categorize the lessons into the most appropriate grade levels. Editors also apply their specialized knowledge and training to enhance lessons in subjects like music and history.

We pay special attention to the links included in lessons. Imbedded links are a great opportunity for students to learn how to use the Internet and to see what a wealth of information it holds. Our number one priority in finding and approving links for lessons is that they are appropriate to the age group and to the subject. All the websites linked in our lessons contain material that has been judged to be accurate and safe. We make an effort to find links from credible sources such as public access, government, museum and university sites.

More than once during the day we call each other over, to share a new treasure. We have found sites that offer fun animations, real audio links to kid’s songs, interactive games and so much more! The Internet is another, freer world, and our goal is to navigate students through the best parts for them.

Adriana Stanoiu, Editor e-Tutor

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Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.

Henry Ford


Set Regular Time for Homework
A good way to help build your child’s self-esteem is to set a regular time for studying everyday. Children, like adults, need things they can count on. A regular study time helps them feel in control of their lives.

Helping your child develop a regular study habit can lead to success in school….and a positive feeling about himself. And as children get into the habit of studying, they learn to use their time better.

The Parent Institute, 1992

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Andy Warhol was wrong: in the future, everyone won’t be famous for fifteen minutes. But everyone will have their own web site."

Jon Winokur, Author


Great Autumn Links

Create Certificates
Create a certificate for that special someone, whether it's your child, a student, or a co-worker.

Ancient History
Some wonderful links to information about Ancient Greek, Egyptian and Roman cultures.

This is a great site for young students learning about insects and how they fit into various ecosystems.

School Funding Source
Science Wise funding alert services. http://content.sciencewise.com/swresearch/alertsvc.htm

Wacky Uses
Products we have around our houses can be used for many things. Did you know that ChapStick can make a zipper operate more smoothly, or the Glad Flexible Straws can help start a bottle of ketchup? http://www.wackyuses.com/uses.html

Classical Music
A great index of classical music sites.
Find links to MIDI files, historical music sites, genre and theory based sites.

Kids and Crafts
Kids will find activities and projects galore on the new National Gallery of Art Web sit for kids.

Your Name in Chinese.
This web site gives your first name written in elegant Chinese calligraphy. Classical Music



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