eNews                                October 2014 Vol. 17-10

President's Message

How did September get by us? And October? My goodness! Does it ever slow down? In spite of our being very busy, we continue to have fun at what we are creating. It is so exciting to hear from parents and students who have embraced online learning. They get the picture of how the applications we use through the Internet not only make learning great, but take the instruction and learning process to a whole new level. For me it is even more inspiring, because I know that we are still in the infancy of this movement that will change almost everything we do in the teaching learning process. I look forward to sharing with you the advances we are making and hope that you will share with us some of your experiences also.

When we last wrote it was warm and many were just getting back from wonderful vacations. The seasons are changing again and we are preparing for colder weather. The leaves in our part of the country have changed and we are enjoying the yellows, oranges and reds of Fall. As the seasons give way from one period to another it is a time to reflect on all that has happened over the season past and anticipate what the new period will bring. Fall is a time to gather all that is warm and dear to us and to share with others our bounty. I extend to you an opportunity to share in what we have been creating for students and their educators around the world. 

October gave a party:
The leaves by hundreds came 
The Chestnuts, Oaks, and Maples, 
And leaves of every name.
The Sunshine spread a carpet, 
And everything was grand. 
Miss Weather led the dancing, 
Professor Wind the band.

                                              George Cooper

Enjoy this harvest season!


International Students!

eTutor is reaching students from throughout the world.  eTutor  offers open enrollment for students from throughout the world. The eTutor school year is ten months. A school year begins upon enrollment.  While some students will complete a full year in ten months, others may use twelve months to complete the instructional year.

eTutor programs are accessible on hand held computers, such as tablets and smart phones.  Whether one student or 50,000, eTutor curricular content meets the instructional needs for all.  

If you would like more information call 877-687-7200.


Connect to Us

 Creating a Global  Community! 

The eTutor community continues to grow around the world each month. Those connecting to us this month come from New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, China, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Greece, Romania, Switzerland, England, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, Nigeria, and Ghana. It is exciting to see the interest peoples of the world show in online learning. We hope you will join other of like minded people. 

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They can because they think they can.

Learning with eTutor

eTutor Organization
What gives eTutor the distinction it holds among other online programs? One measure is the organization of the online school? eTutor abides by the following principals of online instructional programs.

       Exists as a private school that is accredited by a regional accrediting commissions recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and is a for-profit company that develops online curricula. 

       Regularly conducts a program of continual self-evaluation directed toward program improvement, paying particular attention to the quality of student learning

       Maintains an organizational goal to prepare students for competitive eligibility for college and university admission.

       Provides standardized courses offered consistently from term to term. r

       Issues transcripts that bear the name of Knowledge Headquarters, eTutor with identifying logos, and contact information, including course credit and grades, to students who complete the online course of study. 

       Has in place an instructional and learning structure with designated roles and responsibilities for individuals to ensure that a full range of student needs are met

            Maintains permanent and accurate student records, including evaluation of student progress/success, and makes data available to parents upon request.

       Undergoes periodic program review by an outside agency as an approved provider of online instruction.

       Complies with federal, state, and local laws and guidelines governing service to those with disabilities, copyright laws, and protection of identity and protection of minors


  We continue to edit eTutor instructional content to make it more adaptable for hand-held devices. 

Over 3500 Lesson Modules
are included in the 
eTutor Lesson Library!

 Join the eTutor world of learning today to view 
the lesson modules.

Writers' Circle

Did you know that between 50 - 75 writers register each month to use the LessonPro template? We mentioned last month that a new LessonPro would be launched within the month.  Those of you who are familiar with technology programming, know that deadlines give us headaches.  But I have seen the new program and you are going to like it.  So, as soon as we can get it out the door, we will let you know.  Or, you might just want to check LessonPro from time to time within the next few weeks.  We think you will be pleasantly surprised.  Interesting topics from LessonPro this month:  

  • Ancient Rome
  • Motion
  • Electrostatics
  • Civic Engagement
  • Law of Conservation of Mss 
  • Compound Interest
  • Allegory in George Orwell's Animal Farm
  • Literal Equations
  • Transfer of Heat 

Since 1999 many of the best lesson modules in the eTutor Lesson Bank have come from writers who have used LessonPro.

If you have questions or comments, please contact us.  We hope you will join The Writers' Circle today!

   The Book Case            

Fog Magic 
by Julia L. Sauer

    Grades:  5 - 8 

Greta had always loved the fog—the soft gray mist that rolled in from the sea and drifted over the village. The fog seemed to have a secret to tell her. Then one day when Greta was walking in the woods and the mist was closing in, she saw the dark outline of a stone house against the spruce trees—a house where only an old cellar hole should have been. Then she saw a surrey come by, carrying a lady dressed in plum- colored silk. The woman beckoned for Greta to join her, and soon Greta found herself launched on an adventure that would take her back to a past that existed only through the magic of the fog.

1944 Newberry Honor Winner 

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Fall down seven times, stand up eight.

Learning As You Like It

There has been much interest in how eTutor Unplugged can serve the students in various situations.  Whether 5 or 5,000, eTutor Unplugged offers exceptional learning for students where ever they may want to access learning.  The program is ideally suited to tablet computers, smart phones and other hand-held devices.  

  Try a few of the student lesson modules and let us know your comments. 

Trick or Treat

Halloween festivities are chock-full of sugary fun, especially when it's trick-or-treating time.  But there's no getting around the fact that while candy tastes yummy, eating too much can have frightful effects on blood sugar levels, dental health, and more.  To keep Halloween's ghoulish side effects to a minimum, heed these tips from the American Dietetic Association.

Teach kids about moderation.  The bite-size candies often passed out at Halloween aptly demonstrate that less can be more.  Encourage children to savor one or two pieces after dinner each night instead of gorging on the whole bag at once.

Just say yes.  Forbidding sugar will encourage your child to crave it and seek it out at someone else's house.  Halloween is only once a year, so indulging a bit won't undo a usually healthful diet. 

Brush away sugar.  Even healthy treats, such as cereal bars, trail mix, raisins, and fruit leathers, deliver sugar that is damaging to teeth, so be vigilant about brushing.  On the go?  Have kids swish with water to rinse away sugary bacteria until they can brush properly.

Spread the wealth.  Let kids choose and keep their favorite trick-or-treat candies.  Then go with them to donate the remainder to a nursing home, clinic, or homeless shelter. 


What Can't Be Undone

According to a 19th-century Jewish folktale, a villager developed a grudge against his rabbi and spread slanderous tales about him all over town.  Days later, the gossiper came to his senses and was overcome with remorse. He begged forgiveness from the rabbi and offered to do any penance necessary.

The rabbi surprised him by instructing him to take a feather pillow into the woods, rip it open, and let the wind take the feathers.  The man did as instructed and returned to tell the rabbi. 

"Now, gather up all the feathers."  said the rabbi.

"But the wind has scattered's impossible."

"It is.  And though your wish to make amends maybe sincere, you can't call back your hasty words anymore than you can recover the feathers scattered by the wind."

Joseph Telushkin, Uncommon Sense

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Do not follow where the path may lead.  Go instead where there is no path and leave  trail. 

Family Laughter

Having a good laugh is a great way to reduce the stress of family life.

Create your own "humor first aid kit" for days that don’t go well. Collect items that will make you and your kids laugh....silly books, squeaky toys, cartoons, and funny videos.

Find a special place to tape up cartoons and other funny items....if your kids like silly poems, they’ll love Shel Silverstein’s,  Where the Sidewalk Ends (Harper & Row).

Some families like to write stories about funny things that have happened to may want to create your own silly stories.

Every library is full of humorous stories and songs that your children will love. And don’t forget the joke and riddle books. Ask your librarian to recommend a few.

Laughter is not a cure-all, but it certainly helps.


 Making Mistakes

In 1929, Roy Riegels made history in a college football game. Near the end of the first half, Riegels lost his bearings after recovering a fumble from the opposing team. The center ran 69 yards toward his own goal before a teammate stopped him. Unfortunately, members of the other team tackled him, securing the ball within one yard of the goal line. He was so embarrassed he wanted to sit out the rest of the game. 

The incident earned him the nickname "Wrong Way Riegels" and the story stretched far beyond the football field.  From across the nation, people ribbed him with "humorous" gifts.  Sportswriters clung to the nickname and kept it alive throughout Riegels' career.

"Laugh with them. That's all you've got to do," Riegels would later tell other players being teased for unusual mistakes. 

And Riegels took his own advice to heart, apparently as early as the second half of that infamous game during which he played exceptionally well.  The following season, he earned all-American status as captain of the football team. Years later he became an active member of the coaching staff; eventually, he was inducted into the halls of fame for both the Rose Bowl and his alma mater.

Yet decades later, Riegels' name is still mentioned whenever a football player runs the ball n the wrong direction. Maybe that's the nature of making mistakes: Some people will never let you live down  a failure even though you've acknowledged it, forgiven yourself, been forgiven, and moved on.

Twenty-eight years later, Riegels would still be gracious about it. "It certainly wasn't the most serious thing in the world, "he wrote to a high school football player who'd committed the same offense. "I regretted doing it, even as you do, but you'll get over it." Even if the rest of the world doesn't.

Adapted from the New York Times

People and Values

There is no such thing as a value unless there are people involved. A value is something that provides benefit or opens up the possibility of benefit for someone. Values do not hang like clouds in the air. The have to be attached to people. Values require a constant asking of questions.

  • Who is going to be affected by this?
  • Who is going to benefit?
  • Who is going to be inconvenienced?
  • What will the perceptions be?
  • What are the immediate effects, both short and long term?
  • Will this value be noticed, will people talk about it?
  • Are there any special circumstances where the value will be different?
  • Are there special people for whom this could be a value?
Every educator knows....or should know....that there is no "average" student in the class. If there are characteristics of intelligence, discipline, laziness, energy, trouble making, or boredom, troubles at home, and so on, then a teacher knows that every possible combination of these factors will be exhibited in an individual.

The trick is to recognize individuality as a source of value.

By Edward de Bono

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What one cannot, another can.

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Amusement Park Physics:  Learn about the physical principles behind daredevil rides such as the roller coaster and the free-fall. This site combines an introduction to the basic physics of the rides with some historical notes on the rides themselves.

Paper Airplanes:  The author of this site holds the Guinness world record for time aloft for paper airplanes. This site is a good resource for paper airplane aerodynamics, paper airplane history, and instructions for building super paper airplanes!

Women of Our Time:  Visit this beautifully designed interactive gallery from the National Portrait gallery to explore photographs of some of twentieth-century America's famous and influential women.

Bat Conservation International: Conserving the world's bats and their ecosystems to ensure a healthy planet. This site is a veritable compendium of information about bats, including descriptions and pictures of different bat species, audio files of bats' echolocation calls, and reading lists about for students and teachers


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