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Definition of 'alive'


  1. possessing life; "the happiest person alive"; "the nerve is alive"; "doctors are working hard to keep him alive"; "burned alive"; "a live canary"
       Synonyms: live
       Antonyms: dead
  2. (often followed by `with') full of life and spirit; "she was wonderfully alive for her age"; "a face alive with mischief"
  3. having life or vigor or spirit; "an animated and expressive face"; "animated conversation"; "became very animated when he heard the good news"
       Synonyms: animated
       Antonyms: unanimated
  4. (followed by `to' or `of') aware of; "is alive to the moods of others"
  5. in operation; "keep hope alive"; "the tradition was still alive"; "an active tradition"
       Synonyms: active
  6. (usually followed by `to') showing acute awareness; mentally perceptive; "alert to the problems"; "alive to what is going on"; "awake to the dangers of her situation"; "was now awake to the reality of his predicament"
       Synonyms: alert awake
  7. capable of erupting; "a live volcano"; "the volcano is very much alive"
       Synonyms: live

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