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Definition of 'crown'


  1. the Crown (or the reigning monarch) as the symbol of the power and authority of a monarchy; "the colonies revolted against the Crown"
  2. the part of a tooth above the gum that is covered with enamel
  3. a wreath or garland worn on the head to signify victory
  4. an ornamental jewelled headdress signifying sovereignty
       Synonyms: diadem
  5. the part of a hat (the vertex) that covers the crown of the head
  6. an English coin worth 5 shillings
  7. the upper branches and leaves of a tree
       Synonyms: capitulum treetop
  8. the top point of a mountain or hill; "the view from the peak was magnificent"; "they clambered to the summit of Monadnock"
       Synonyms: peak crest top tip summit
  9. the award given to the champion
       Synonyms: pennant
  10. the top of the head
       Synonyms: pate poll
  11. the center of a cambered road
       Synonyms: crest


  1. invest with regal power; enthrone; "The prince was crowned in Westminster Abbey"
       Synonyms: coronate
  2. be the culminating event; "The speech crowned the meeting"
       Synonyms: top
  3. form the topmost part of; "A weather vane crowns the building"
  4. put an enamel cover on; "crown my teeth"

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