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Definition of 'hell'

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  1. any place of pain and turmoil; "the hell of battle"; "the inferno of the engine room"; "when you're alone Christmas is the pits";
       Synonyms: hell on earth hellhole snake pit the pits inferno
  2. a cause of difficulty and suffering; "war is hell"; "go to blazes"
       Synonyms: blaze
  3. (Christianity) the abode of Satan and the forces of evil; where sinners suffer eternal punishment; "Hurl'd headlong...To bottomless perdition, there to dwell"- John Milton; "a demon from the depths of the pit"
       Synonyms: perdition Inferno infernal region nether region pit
       Antonyms: Heaven
  4. (religion) the world of the dead; "he didn't want to go to hell when he died"
       Synonyms: Hel Hades infernal region netherworld Scheol underworld
  5. violent and excited activity; "they began to fight like sin"
       Synonyms: sin
  6. noisy and unrestrained mischief; "raising blazes"
       Synonyms: blaze

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