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Definition of 'mother'


  1. a woman who has given birth to a child (also used as a term of address to your mother); "the mother of three children"
       Synonyms: female parent
       Antonyms: father male parent begetter father male parent begetter
  2. a stringy slimy substance consisting of yeast cells and bacteria; forms during fermentation and is added to cider or wine to produce vinegar
  3. a term of address for an elderly woman
  4. a term of address for a mother superior
  5. a condition that is the inspiration for an activity or situation; "necessity is the mother of invention"


  1. care for like a mother; "She fusses over her husband"
       Synonyms: fuss overprotect
  2. make children; "Abraham begot Isaac"; "Men often father children but don't recognize them"
       Synonyms: beget get engender father sire generate bring forth

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