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Definition of 'nominal'

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  1. a phrase that can function as the subject or object of a verb
       Synonyms: noun phrase nominal phrase


  1. relating to or constituting or bearing or giving a name; "the Russian system of nominal brevity"; "a nominal lists of priests"; "taxable males as revealed by the nominal rolls"
  2. insignificantly small; a matter of form only (`tokenish' is informal); "the fee was nominal"; "a token gesture of resistance"; "a toknenish gesture"
       Synonyms: token tokenish
  3. pertaining to a noun or to a word group that functions as a noun; "nominal phrase"; "noun phrase"
  4. being value in terms of specification on currency or stock certificates rather than purchasing power; "nominal or face value"
       Antonyms: real
  5. named; bearing the name of a specific person; "nominative shares of stock"
       Synonyms: nominative
  6. existing in name only; "the nominal (or titular) head of his party"
       Synonyms: titular

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