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Definition of 'reject'


  1. the person or thing that is rejected or set aside as inferior in quality
       Synonyms: cull


  1. refuse to accept or acknowledge; "I reject the idea of starting a war"; "The journal rejected the student's paper"
       Antonyms: accept
  2. refuse to accept; "He refused my offer of hospitality"
       Synonyms: refuse pass up turn down decline
       Antonyms: accept take have
  3. deem wrong or inappropriate; "I disapprove of her child rearing methods"
       Synonyms: disapprove
       Antonyms: approve O.K. okay sanction
  4. reject with contempt; "She spurned his advances"
       Synonyms: spurn freeze off scorn pooh-pooh disdain turn down
  5. resist immunologically the introduction of some foreign tissue or organ; "His body rejected the liver of the donor"
       Synonyms: resist refuse
  6. refuse entrance or membership; "They turned away hundreds of fans"; "Black people were often rejected by country clubs"
       Synonyms: turn down turn away refuse
       Antonyms: admit allow in let in intromit
  7. dismiss from consideration or a contest; "John was ruled out as a possible suspect because he had a strong alibi"; "This possibility can be eliminated from our consideration"
       Synonyms: rule out eliminate winnow out

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