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Definition of 'shorten'

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  1. make shorter than originally intended; reduce or retrench in length or duration; "He shortened his trip due to illness"
       Antonyms: lengthen
  2. reduce in scope while retaining essential elements; "The manuscript must be shortened"
       Synonyms: abridge foreshorten abbreviate cut contract reduce
       Antonyms: elaborate lucubrate expatiate exposit enlarge flesh out expand expound dilate
  3. make short or shorter; "shorten the skirt"; "shorten the rope by a few inches"
  4. become short or shorter; "In winter, the days shorten"
       Antonyms: lengthen
  5. edit by omitting or modifying parts considered indelicate; "bowdlerize a novel"
       Synonyms: bowdlerize bowdlerise expurgate castrate

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