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Definition of 'shrink'

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  1. a physician who specializes in psychiatry
       Synonyms: psychiatrist head-shrinker


  1. wither, as with a loss of moisture; "The fruit dried and shriveled"
       Synonyms: shrivel shrivel up wither
  2. draw back, as with fear or pain; "she flinched when they showed the slaughtering of the calf"
       Synonyms: flinch squinch funk cringe wince recoil quail
  3. reduce in size; reduce physically; "Hot water will shrink the sweater"; "Can you shrink this image?"
       Synonyms: reduce
  4. become smaller or draw together; "The fabric shrank"; "The balloon shrank"
       Synonyms: contract
       Antonyms: expand spread out stretch
  5. decrease in size, range, or extent; "His earnings shrank"; "My courage shrivelled when I saw the task before me"
       Synonyms: shrivel

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