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Definition of 'shtik'

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  1. (Yiddish) a little; a piece; "give him a shtik cake"; "he's a shtik crazy"; "he played a shtik Beethoven"
       Synonyms: shtick schtik schtick
  2. (Yiddish) a contrived and often used bit of business that a performer uses to steal attention; "play it straight with no shtik"
       Synonyms: schtik shtick schtick
  3. (Yiddish) a prank or piece of clowning; "his shtik made us laugh"
       Synonyms: schtik shtick schtick
  4. (Yiddish) a devious trick; a bit of cheating; "how did you ever fall for a shtik like that?"
       Synonyms: schtik shtick schtick

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