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Definition of 'sidelong'


  1. (used especially of glances) directed to one side with or as if with doubt or suspicion or envy; "her eyes with their misted askance look"- Elizabeth Bowen; "sidelong glances"
       Synonyms: askance askant asquint squint squint-eyed squinty
  2. situated at or extending to the side; "the lateral branches of a tree"; "shot out sidelong boughs"- Tennyson
       Synonyms: lateral
  3. inclining or directed to one side; "moved downward in a sidelong way" - Bram Stoker


  1. on the side; "the plow lay sidelong on the ground"
  2. with the side toward someone or something; "seated sidelong to the window"- Nathaniel Hawthorne
  3. to, toward or at one side; "darting eyes looking sidelong out of a wizened face"
       Synonyms: sideways obliquely

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