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Index: taf - tak

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taffeta      tailcoats      takas      take part
taffeta weave      tailed      takayasu's arteritis      take place
taffetas      tailed frog      take      take pride
taffies      tailed toad      take-away      take root
taffrail      tailfin      take-home      take shape
taffrail log      tailflower      take-home pay      take stage
taffrails      tailgate      take-in      take stock
taffy      tailgated      take-up      take ten
taffy apple      tailgater      take a bow      take the air
taft      tailgaters      take a breath      take the bull by the horns
tag      tailgates      take a breather      take the cake
tag along      tailgating      take a chance      take the count
tag end      tailing      take a dare      take the field
tag line      tailings      take a dive      take the fifth
tag on      tailless      take a firm stand      take the fifth amendment
tagalog      tailless tenrec      take a hit      take the floor
tagalong      taillight      take a hop      take the road
tagalongs      taillights      take a joke      take the stage
tagamet      taillike      take a leak      take the stand
tagasaste      tailor      take a look      take the veil
tagetes erecta      tailor's chalk      take a powder      take time by the forelock
tagetes patula      tailor's tack      take aback      take time off
tageteste      tailor-made      take account      take to
tagged      tailor-make      take advantage      take to be
tagger      tailorbird      take after      take to heart
taggers      tailorbirds      take aim      take to task
tagging      tailored      take apart      take to the woods
tagging program      tailoring      take arms      take turns
tagliatelle      tailorings      take away      take up
tagliatelles      tailors      take back      take up arms
tagore      tailpiece      take care      take water
tags      tailpieces      take chances      takeaway
taguan      tailpipe      take charge      takedown
tagus      tailpipes      take control      takedowns
tagus river      tailplane      take down      takelma
tahini      tailplanes      take effect      taken
tahinis      tailrace      take exception      taken for granted
tahiti      tailraces      take fire      taken over
tahitian      tails      take five      taken up
tahoka daisy      tailspin      take flight      taken with
tai      tailspins      take for      takeoff
tai chi      tailstock      take for granted      takeoff booster
tai chi chuan      tailwind      take form      takeoff rocket
tai dam      tailwinds      take heart      takeoffs
tai long      tailwort      take heed      takeout
tai lue      taimyr peninsula      take hold      takeout food
tai nuea      taint      take hold of      takeouts
tai yuan      tainted      take home      takeover
taichi      tainting      take in      takeover arbitrage
taichichuan      taints      take in charge      takeover attempt
taichung      taipan      take in vain      takeover bid
taif      taipans      take in water      takeover target
tail      taipeh      take into account      takeovers
tail-flower      taipei      take issue      taker
tail-shaped      taira      take it easy      takers
tail assembly      taiwan      take it on the chin      takes
tail bone      taiwan dollar      take kindly to      takilman
tail coat      taiwanese      take leave      takin
tail end      taiyuan      take lying down      taking
tail feather      taj mahal      take note      taking apart
tail fin      tajik      take notice      taking hold
tail gate      tajiki      take off      taking into custody
tail lamp      tajikistan      take office      taking over
tail rotor      tajikistani      take on      taking possession
tailback      tajikistani monetary unit      take one's lumps      takings
tailbacks      taka      take orders      takins
tailboard      takahe      take out      taklamakan desert
tailboards      takahes      take over      taklimakan desert
tailcoat      takakkaw      take pains     

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