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High School | Language Arts | Writing

The ability to write clearly is essential to any person’s effective communications. Students with high-level writing skills can produce documents that show planning and organization and effectively convey the intended message and meaning. Clear writing is critical to employment and production in today’s world. Individuals must be capable of writing for a variety of audiences in differing styles, including standard rhetoric themes, business letters and reports, financial proposals and technical and professional communications. Students should be able to use word processors and computers to enhance their writing proficiency and improve their career opportunities.

Learning Objectives

Use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization and structure:

  • Use standard English to edit documents for clarity, subject/verb agreement, adverb and adjective agreement and verb tense; proofread for spelling, capitalization and punctuation; and ensure that documents are formatted in final form for submission and/or publication.

Compose well-organized and coherent writing for specific purposes and audiences:

  • Produce documents that exhibit a range of writing techniques appropriate to purpose and audience, with clarity of focus, logic of organization, appropriate elaboration and support and overall coherence.
  • Produce, edit, revise and format work for submission and/or publication (e.g., manuscript form, appropriate citation of sources) using contemporary technology.
  • Evaluate written work for its effectiveness and make recommendations for its improvement.

Communicate ideas in writing to accomplish a variety of purposes:

  • Write for real or potentially real situations in academic, professional and civic contexts (e.g., college applications, job applications, business letters, petitions).
  • Using available technology, produce compositions and multimedia works for specified audiences.

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