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Middle School | Language Arts | Literature

Literature transmits ideas, reflects societies and eras and expresses the human imagination. It brings understanding, enrichment and joy. Appreciating literature and recognizing its many forms enable students to learn and respond to ideas, issues, perspectives and actions of others. Literature study includes understanding the structure and intent of a short poem or a long, complex book. By exploring the techniques that authors use to convey messages and evoke responses, students connect literature to their own lives and daily experiences.

Learning Objectives

Understand how literary elements and techniques are used to convey meaning:

  • Identify and analyze a variety of literary techniques (e.g., figurative language, allusion, dialogue, description, word choice, dialect) within classical and contemporary works representing a variety of genres.
  • Describe how the development of theme, character, plot and setting contribute to the overall impact of a piece of literature.
  • Identify characteristics and authors of various literary forms (e.g., short stories, novels, drama, fables, biographies, documentaries, poetry, science fiction).
  • Identify ways that an author uses language structure, word choice and style to convey the author’s viewpoint.

Read and interpret a variety of literary works:

  • Respond to literary material from personal, creative and critical points of view.
  • Compare and contrast common literary themes across various societies and eras.
  • Analyze how characters in literature deal with conflict, solve problems and relate to real-life situations.

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