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Middle School | Science | Ecology

Know and apply concepts that describe the interaction between science, technology and society. This goal is comprised of key concepts and principles in the life, physical and earth/space sciences that have considerable explanatory and predictive power for scientists and non-scientists alike. These ideas have been thoroughly studied and have stood the test of time. Knowing and being able to apply these concepts, principles and processes help students understand what they observe in nature and through scientific experimentation. A working knowledge of these concepts and principles allows students to relate new subject matter to material previously learned and to create deeper and more meaningful levels of understanding.

Learning Objectives Grades

Know and apply concepts that describe the interaction between science, technology and society:

  • Identify and explain ways that scientific knowledge and economics drive technological development.
  • Identify important contributions to science and technology that have been made by individuals and groups from various cultures.
  • Describe how occupations use scientific and technological knowledge and skills.
  • Analyze the interaction of resource acquisition, technological development and ecosystem impact (e.g., diamond, coal or gold mining; deforestation).
  • Identify advantages and disadvantages of natural resource conservation and management programs.
  • Apply classroom-developed criteria to determine the effects of policies on local science and technology issues (e.g., energy consumption, landfills, water quality).

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