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Middle School | Social Studies | Politics

The existence and advancement of a free society depend on the knowledge, skills and understanding of its citizenry. Through the study of various forms and levels of government and the documents and institutions of the United States, students will develop the skills and knowledge that they need to be contributing citizens, now and in the future.

Learning Objectives

Understand and explain basic principles of the United States government:

  • Describe how responsibilities are shared and limited by the United Constitution and significant court decisions.

Understand the structures and functions of the political systems of the United States and other nations:

  • Identify and compare the basic political systems of various states and the United States as prescribed in their constitutions.

Understand election processes and responsibilities of citizens:

  • Compare historical issues involving rights, roles and status of individuals in relation to municipalities, states and the nation.

Understand the roles and influences of individuals and interest groups in the political systems of the United States and other nations:

  • Describe roles and influences of individuals, groups and media in shaping current United States public policy (e.g., general public opinion, special interest groups, formal parties, media).

Understand United States foreign policy as it relates to other nations and international issues:

  • Compare the basic principles of the United States and its international interests (e.g., territory, environment, trade, use of technology).

Understand the development of United States political ideas and traditions:

  • Analyze historical influences on the development of political ideas and practices as enumerated in the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
  • Describe how United States political ideas and traditions were instituted in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

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