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Each lesson module is aligned to National and State Goals for Learning. They are organized by specific subject area.

After selecting a subject area - Geometry in this case - the student is now presented with the cross-aged lesson modules for that particular subject area. The student is free to pick lessons within a subject area. Subject material that is interesting or challenging can be chosen in a non-linear fashion at the student's and guardian's discretion. Many interesting topics will keep the student interested and engaged.

Organization of Subject Areas

  • Lessons are cross-aged
  • Each subject contains a range of grade levels, e.g. 9th - 12th grade
  • Students have access to both challenging and review material
  • Lessons are independent of each other
  • Unless explicitly stated otherwise, lessons are independent and self-contained
  • Lessons can be read in a non-linear fashion

The Curriculum

  • 3,000+ lesson modules
  • 200+ authors
  • 20+ subjects
  • 4 curricular areas

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  • Easy credit transfer
  • Quality assurance
  • Access to loans & scholarships

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