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A condensed version of a lesson module.

The student now has a lesson, which is shown in a condensed format for illustrative purposes. Lessons should take an hour or an hour and a half to complete. Lesson modules contain several sections, outlined below. Most importantly, each lesson modules includes a quiz and exam specifically developed for the concept or skill being taught. While a quiz can be re-taken several times, an exam can only be taken once and both are automatically graded and scored by the system.

Lesson Structure

  • Introduction
  • Lesson Goals
  • Resources
  • Links to relevant information for more in-depth learning
  • Lesson Problem
  • Vocabulary
  • Linked to the e-Tutor dictionary
  • Study Guide
  • Activity
  • Fun, engaging activities which are completed, most often, offline to solidify what has been learned by the student
  • Extended Learning
  • Additional activities which reinforce critical thinking and problem solving skills while extending the topics covered in the lesson
  • Quiz
  • Exam

The Curriculum

  • 3,000+ lesson modules
  • 200+ authors
  • 20+ subjects
  • 4 curricular areas

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  • Easy credit transfer
  • Quality assurance
  • Access to loans & scholarships

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