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Who can Benefit

Since eTutor first launched in 1997, thousands of students and parents have enrolled in the school, each with unique needs. Some have enrolled in eTutor to meet all of their learning needs; others have opted to enroll on a limited basis.

Traditional Students

Many students remain enrolled in a traditional school and use eTutor as a supplement to their studies. In some cases, eTutor offers characteristics that their regular teachers do not offer; it has a "patient" character and is nonjudgemental. In others, eTutor adds depth to subjects they are already studying or offers subjects unavailable at their traditional school. Take on as much or as little as you would like; focus on one curricular area or all four.

Homeschool Students

eTutor is a perfect fit for homeschool families because of its focus on parents as educators. We know that homeschooling can be both a wonderful and difficult undertaking. It is wonderful because you truly guide your child's instruction, but becomes difficult when you have to choose materials that will target the many things that he or she needs to learn. eTutor offers a full or partial course of study that will prepare your child for future success. There are no additional workbooks, texts, downloads or hardware required.

International Students

Our students hail from around the country and the globe because eTutor is designed to be 100% browser based. Students who travel or move frequently appreciate the continuity that it provides and the ability to access the school from anywhere with internet access, including homes, hotels, libraries, community centers, and traditional schools. There are no additional workbooks, texts, downloads, or hardware required. More for International Students.

Gifted Students

eTutor provides the ideal instructional program for a highly gifted child to explore by providing a broad range of content in a format that allows the student to progress at his or her own pace. Students and parents seeking an accelerated online program designed to motivate and challenge will enjoy exploring our lesson modules in Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. Take on as much or as little as you would like; focus on one curricular area or all four.

Adult Learners

Designed to give students control, eTutor provides a supportive learning environment that helps adults achieve their academic objectives. The recognized and accredited distance education program supports state and national learning standards. Whether studying for a GED, preparing for military service or returning to education, eTutor will help you learn, grow, and express your excellence.

The Curriculum

  • 3,000+ lesson modules
  • 200+ authors
  • 20+ subjects
  • 4 curricular areas

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