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Enter functions of x using a standard mathematical format. You can enter more than one function by separating functions with a semicolon.

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Arithmetic 2*x+1/3 Standard precedence applies - this gives you "two times x plus one third"
Multiplication 2x+(x+1)(x+2) Most multiplication can be done without the '*'.
Exponents x^2This is "x squared"
x^.5This is a square root
2x^2This is the same as 2*(x^2)
Constants e^xEuler's constant
sin(2 pi x)pi
Absolute Value |x| Use the pipe character to make absolute value bars. (press Shift-Backslash)
Functions sin(x)^2 + cos(x)^2 Functions must have parentheses around their arguments
ln(x) Natural logarithm. Use log(x) for logarithm base 10
sin(x) Trigonometry: also try any of cos, tan, sec, csc, cot, asin, acos, atan, acsc, asec, acot
sinh(x) Hyperbolic Trig: also try any of cosh, tanh, sech, csch, coth, asinh, acosh, atanh, acsch, asech, acoth
Factorial 5! Only applicable to positive integers.